It's all in the name, very essential audio tools for your hi-fi. Better reproduction means more involvement, that is why our products are focused on the power supplied to your equipment. Only when good care is taken for the power supply, you will benefit from all details in your music. For example stray-fields and spikes coming from external (non-audio) equipment can be noticeable. Also having no earth, or having a low quality earth, can be very harmful.

The use of good quality power cords (with well designed screening), multiple sockets (with star-wiring), checking out the phase of your mains supply and equipment and a good filtering gives the music a neutral sound and opens up many details.

Our 'tools' are very well designed and manufactured. Have a look at our products and visit one of our dealers to have a listen. You will be surprised!

Current Conductor L

Current Conductor HC (IEC)

Current Conductor 8

Current Spyder L

Current Spyder Classic

Current Conductor Classic

Mains Multiplier 5

Mains Multiplier 7

Mains Multiplier 8+

Filtered Multiplier FM8

Sound Saver

Pulse Protector

Noise Eater

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Mains Multiplier 6+

Mains Multiplier 8